Trick or treat?

Last week I flew to Melbourne to speak at the National Dementia Conference. The first thing I saw at the airport when I stepped off the plane was a billboard for ‘The Brain Drink’ pictured above. [...]

Rush, crash, crave, repeat

What better time than immediately after Easter to talk about sugar?  Is there really such a thing as a sugar rush? What about a sugar crash? Sugar cravings? Sugar addiction? Click here to listen [...]

50 Shades of Sugar

Many readers have asked about the different names for sugar sprinkled liberally throughout our food supply. So here they are. If you have trouble falling asleep, forget counting sheep. Counting [...]

Trick or Treat?

Late afternoon on 31st October I placed a large pumpkin at my front gate, a witch’s hat over the letter box and a flowing white sheet with black oval eyes and spooky mouth over the recycling bin. [...]