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Every 13 seconds, your body makes more cells than there are people in the United States.

You have more than 600 skeletal muscles and 206 bones in your body.

Loneliness produces physical as well as emotional pain. In the same way that we instinctively avoid touching a hot stove for fear of getting burnt, we avoid loneliness because it weakens our immune system and makes us more susceptible to getting sick.

To discover more about how to achieve vibrant health, lasting vitality and a body you love, read on …

Bugs and Birth

What does birth have to do with girth? Almost one third of Australian babies are delivered by Caesarean section. In some cases the procedure is life-saving and therefore imperative. In other [...]

Physician, heal thyself

The moral of this proverb is to attend to our own issues rather than criticising others. However I’m using it in the literal sense that we can actually heal ourselves. We can all be our own [...]

What’s bugging you?

Your body is like a planet. It is inhabited by trillions of creatures adapted to the various environments provided by different parts of your anatomy. Every surface of the body exposed to the [...]

Protein Power

The word protein comes from the Greek ‘proteios’ meaning ‘primary’ or ‘first rank’ because proteins are an indispensable nutrient in the human diet. They are a vital component of every cell in [...]

Light up the world!

Eighty percent of Australians live with back pain. Not long ago, I thought I had become one of them. I had a chronically sore neck and upper back on most days of the week and it was starting to [...]

Do You Feel Stuffocated?

Several months ago (on 29th June) I wrote about decluttering the family home prior to making the move to Queensland. Since that time I’ve reflected on the meaning of releasing physical ‘stuff’ [...]

Fat is in the air

We’ve known for a long time that air pollution is not good for our lungs. A recent study by scientists at Duke University in North Carolina revealed that breathing air with high concentrations of [...]

Live to give

How does your health and wellbeing impact something bigger than you? How does your happiness and vitality affect other people? Many people report they simply don’t have enough hours in the day to [...]

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