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The stethoscope shaped into a heart is intended to convey the message: ‘Listen to your heart – you’ll live a life you love.’ It’s also a reminder that listening without judgement – with an open heart – is one of the greatest gifts we can give each other. When we listen to another human being with our full attention and acceptance, we connect on the deepest level and become a vehicle for healing. Listening opens the door to healing.

The heart carries other symbolism as well:

  • Only if we put our heart into what we’re doing, can it be lasting and fulfilling.
  • The heart represents getting to the heart (source) of an issue, not just dealing with symptoms or applying quick fixes.
  • And of course the heart communicates passion – the emotion that guides us to our true fulfilment.
  • The brain is aMAZEing.
  • The brain can be rewired.
  • Everything is interconnected.
  • Red is the colour of igniting passion.
  • Purple is the colour of healing.

In the centre of the brain you will notice the letter M and the letter S. These stand for Mission SlimPossible. Readers of my book NeuroSlimming will understand the significance of this.

Health is a daily choice, not a distant destination.
We are not passive victims of our genes.
Our moment to moment choices are the most powerful determinants of our health, longevity and happiness.

Feeding your spirit means living in a way that gives you meaning and purpose. It means setting goals that are personally fulfilling. What is the point of living in any other way?

Feeding your spirit means living in alignment with your own values rather than those imposed on you by others. This is not always easy but the rewards are immeasurable.

The more we feed our spirit, the less we neglect our body.

The more we feed our spirit, the greater our energy, vitality and capacity to contribute to others.

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