Rush, crash, crave, repeat

What better time than immediately after Easter to talk about sugar?  Is there really such a thing as a sugar rush? What about a sugar crash? Sugar cravings? Sugar addiction? Click here to listen [...]

How to stop stress-eating

Sally Obermeder and Ryan Phelan from Channel 7’s The Daily Edition asked Dr Helena to provide some answers. Here is a transcript of their conversation. 1. Why do we eat in response to stress? [...]

Not all Calories are equal

The average person extracts 6 Calories from eating a medium-sized piece of raw celery. If you cook that same piece of celery, you begin to break down the cellulose (indigestible fibre) and end up [...]

The key to a fulfilling life

Welcome to the new year!  Do you set goals, make resolutions or plan how you’d like the coming year to unfold?  We can’t control outcomes but we can make daily decisions that align with our [...]

Unlock your 4-Wheel Thrive

Every person exists to make a unique contribution to the world. Even if you don’t know what your unique contribution might be, by living authentically, in alignment with your deepest values, you [...]