Not all Calories are equal

The average person extracts 6 Calories from eating a medium-sized piece of raw celery. If you cook that same piece of celery, you begin to break down the cellulose (indigestible fibre) and end up [...]

Brawn Builds Brain

The over-emphasis on shedding body fat has obscured a critical component of good health: having enough muscle. The role of our muscles goes far beyond running for the bus, carrying the shopping [...]

Protein Power

The word protein comes from the Greek ‘proteios’ meaning ‘primary’ or ‘first rank’ because proteins are an indispensable nutrient in the human diet. They are a vital component of every cell in [...]

Too much of a good thing

Even though eating the recommended amount of fibre helps prevent diabetes, if you have long-standing diabetes (usually over 10 years), your stomach can become less effective at emptying due to a [...]

Fibre Fix

How much fibre do you need? That depends … Paleo-biologists estimate that in some parts of the world, paleo man consumed about 100 grams of fibre (combined soluble + insoluble) per day. Today’s [...]

Ready, aim, fibre!

Why is something destined for the toilet so important to our health? Dietary fibre (also known as ‘roughage’ or ‘bulk’) is the indigestible portion of plant foods. It passes relatively unchanged [...]

Get High on Health

There’s a problem with giving cholesterol too much attention: it distracts us from focusing on more powerful ways of lowering heart disease risk such as not smoking, exercising regularly and [...]