Roll with the punches

Recently I had a spirited conversation with Australian boxer, coach and motivational speaker, Tiffanee Cook on her podcast Roll with the Punches. We talked about what it takes to be truly healthy, what’s missing from modern medicine, and how life is an exhilarating game of growth and learning. To listen to our exchange of ideas and experiences, click below.

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Tiffanee’s podcast, Roll with the Punches confronts an intriguing question: what enables some people to rise stronger after life’s knockdowns, and what wisdom can they impart? A listener’s comment gives a compelling glimpse into her show: ‘Deep, courageous, vulnerable and moving. Every episode has many insights to help us to move through life with greater resilience and love for ourselves.’ I wholeheartedly agree.

Please share this HEB with anyone who wants to turn obstacles into opportunities.

Photo Credit: This is a photo of me at the completion of the Kokoda Trail — after rolling with many punches. If you look closely at my feet, you’ll see that I’m wearing two different shoes because one of my hiking boots fell apart half way through the trek. 

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