Our brain is a lifelong work in progress

I’m currently in Krakow, Poland for the Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) Conference with over 700 delegates from more than 100 countries. A common theme of the conference is that despite the huge volume of groundbreaking brain research, many people (including health professionals) still believe that dementia is a result of bad luck or bad genes, and nothing can be done to change one’s fate. More troubling still, is the belief that memory loss and dementia are a normal part of ageing. This lack of knowledge is an immense tragedy because ageing need not be synonymous with mental decline. The key is understanding how our lifestyle choices influence our brain at every age and stage of life. Moreover, we are never too young or too old to improve the functioning of our brain. Our brain is a work in progress for the entire duration of our lives. 

This is why I wrote my books, In Search of My Father — Dementia is no match for a daughter’s determination and Can Adventure Prevent Dementia? A guide to outwitting Alzheimer’s. Spoiler alert: adventure can prevent dementia — or at the very least, significantly reduce our chances of getting the disease. 

Unfortunately, this message is not reaching the general public. However, this is where YOU can make a positive difference. If you’ve read either of my books, would you consider writing a review and giving my books a rating on Amazon? You don’t need to have bought my book on Amazon. You simply need to have an Amazon account and have spent $50 on any Amazon item in the last 12 months. This can include an Audible subscription. The more ratings and reviews, the more people will read my books and start living in a brain-boosting way. 

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Since midlife abdominal obesity and type 2 diabetes both double a person’s risk of dementia, my book NeuroSlimming — Let your brain change your body also contributes to reducing dementia. 

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Thank you in advance for reviewing my book(s) and helping to spread a crucial message. 

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Photo credit: This is a photo of Krakow’s magnificent market building in the main town square, which is Europe’s largest medieval town square. It is surrounded by restaurants and beautiful centuries-old buildings. Under the square is a fascinating museum of Krakow in the Middle Ages. 

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