Why can some people’s brains continue functioning remarkably well into very old age?

For those who missed my presentations at the Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) conference in Krakow, Poland, click on the titles below to view the two posters I had on display.

The title of my posters are:

1. Every soft drink is a bullet to our brain

2. Untangling the mechanisms of cognitive reserve — in other words, why can some people’s brains withstand damage and continue functioning remarkably well into very old age? 

I hope you enjoy them as well as learn something.

Photo credit: I took this photo of ‘The Head’ (official name Eros Bendato, meaning ‘enslaved by love’) in Krakow’s main square. It is made of bronze, weighs 1900 kg, and has an estimated market value of half a million euro.

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