Join me live at Hornsby Library in Sydney this Wednesday 18th October!

Why is every soft drink a bullet to our brain?

How do our muscles affect our memory?

Can our beliefs really affect our biology?

Fresh from the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Amsterdam and the launch of my new book, Can Adventure Prevent Dementia? join me at Hornsby Library in Sydney for a deep dive into the impacts of sugar, salt, sleep, stigma and strength training on our mind, memory and mental functioning. 

Despite billions of dollars spent on Alzheimer’s drug trials, no effective medications have emerged. Fortunately, with the development of PET scans we now see that the fundamental problem in Alzheimer’s is brain cells not getting enough fuel to function properly. What is depleting our brain cells of energy? And what can we do to correct this dysfunction?

The answers can be found on our plates, in our bed and in the negative ageist stereotypes that dominate our consumer culture. We need education not medication in preventing and reversing cognitive decline.

To learn more, join me live at Hornsby Library in Sydney at 6.15pm on Wednesday 18th October. Click here for details and to reserve your complimentary seat. I look forward to having a lively conversation with you!

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