What’s faster than a speeding Ferrari?

Faster than a speeding Ferrari!

More powerful than a supercomputer!

Able to leap at opportunities with a single thought!

Look! Up in your head!

It’s your eyes!

It’s your ears!

It’s your BRAIN!

Yes, it’s YOU – strange visitor from your mother’s womb who came to Earth with powers and abilities far beyond what you currently realise. YOU – intuitively knowing what is best for your body, your brain and your emotional wellbeing. YOU – passionately drawn to express your uniqueness and contribute to your fellow human.

The speed at which information travels through your brain can reach 435 kilometres an hour (faster than a speeding Ferrari).

Currently we would need more than 82,000 processors running on the world’s fastest supercomputer to mimic one second of brain activity.

A single thought can change your brain for the better.

But are you living in a cage of kryptonite?

Is your workplace built of kryptonite?

Are you feeding yourself kryptonite?

We’ve created a world in which we’re surrounded by kryptonite: elements in our environment that rob us of our strength and sensitivity. That zap our power and productivity; that drain us of energy and emotional wellbeing.

What’s your kryptonite?

Is it sugar? Soft drinks? Insufficient sleep? Your desk chair? Or is it more insidious like self-criticism or clutter? Inability to forgive? Or not living in alignment with your values?

Can you identify your kryptonite?

What can you do to free yourself from it?

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