Brain Boosting Cards (Wild Cards)


The term Wild Card refers to an unexpected, high impact event – and that’s exactly what Helena’s Wild Cards offer: unexpectedly simple activities that have a big impact on the functioning of your brain.

Wild Cards are a powerful, fun, educational tool. They also serve as a daily reminder that what we do from day to day has a profound impact on our mental capacity and our long-term brain performance. It’s a fascinating fact that the brains of wild animals are 15-30% larger than the brains of their tame, domestic counterparts. Why? What is it about being wild that boosts their brains? And does it apply to humans? If we all got wild, would it boost our brains? As a matter of fact, it would!

Dr Helena’s Wild Cards show you how to get wild (without upsetting your boss or your mother) and in the process, how you’ll get smart!



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