Turn Stress Into Success


Stress is an inevitable part of life.

Intermittent, mild stress is not a bad thing. It assists in building up resilience and it switches on our adrenal glands to release performance-enhancing chemicals.

However, chronic or severe stress has a detrimental effect on our performance as well as on our physical, mental and emotional health. Unchecked stress is a contributing factor in every major illness we suffer and can lead to erosion of brain function, a weakened immune system and obesity.

Forty-five percent of Australians experience a mental health condition in their lifetime. Every year, one million Australians suffer from depression and two million people suffer from anxiety. The starting point for most of these conditions is chronic stress. Inability to manage stress is the greatest cause of loss of productivity in the workplace.

Turn Stress into Success explains how we can use stress to our advantage and turn stressful events into successful outcomes – personally and professionally.

Learning outcomes & key take-aways

  • A clear understanding of stress and how it operates in our lives
  • How stress affects our brain and overall health
  • The stages of stress and how to recognise them
  • How our attitude to stress influences our response to stress
  • How to fortify our mind and body to raise our stress threshold
  • Neuroscience-based strategies to deal with stress so that we not only survive but thrive

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