Mission: Slimpossible - One Small Step for You, One Giant Leap for World Health


June 2017 – Gold Coast University and Robina Hospitals reduce the availability of sugary drinks in vending machines.

February 2017 – Vanuatu bans foreign junk food imports in favour of an all-local, organic diet as a way to combat health problems.

July 2016 – A father takes junk food and soft drinks off the menu at school sports and puts a stop to fast food advertising at children’s events in his local community.

Removing trays from university cafeterias reduces food waste by 50%.

Think you can’t make a difference? Think again.
Mission: SlimPossible – you can make it possible.

Anyone can help turn the obesity epidemic around through taking exemplary action at a grass-roots level. In this presentation I invite every audience member to take up a cause or ‘Mission’ in their local community (or beyond) to shift the culture of our society from apathy to excitement about taking responsibility for our health.

Short term economic gain rather than long term health outcomes drive most government and industry decisions. Change needs to happen on an individual, family and community level. What is something you feel passionate about in relation to health and fitness? Improving the offerings of your child’s school canteen? Starting a community vegetable garden? Making fresh fruit and vegetables more affordable? Removing junk food from the check-out aisles at your supermarket?

By giving examples of initiatives from around the world, I hope you’ll be inspired to take up a cause of your own. Each one of us is like a pebble in our community pond. Your actions send ripples that influence the lives of others. Together we can create a  tidal wave of better health.

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