Let Healing Happen


Let Healing Happen addresses two big questions:
What is the cause of disease or personal crisis?
How do we heal our bodies, our minds and our hearts?

Voltaire observed that ‘The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.’

This advice, together with ‘primum non no cere’ – Latin for ‘first do no harm’ – is often overlooked in modern medicine. Yet it offers profound insights into the nature of healing.

The body has the intrinsic capacity to heal itself – if we let it.

This presentation shows how healing can happen if we change the language of medicine from the vocabulary of war to the language of love. Instead of speaking about ‘fighting the infection’, ‘battling against cancer’ and ‘struggling with weight loss’, let’s care for our bodies, listen to our needs and feel our feelings. In war there are always casualties, whether the battle is won or lost. The same applies when we fight our bodies – even if it’s in the name of cure. Our hearts and bodies will guide us if we remove the impediments in our way.

Healing begins with feeling at peace with ourselves, with our bodies and with life. Healing means accepting ourselves as whole and complete, no matter where we find ourselves. And healing means experiencing wonder, awe and gratitude for life.

Helena shared her mother’s journey with lung cancer and her father’s adventure with dementia. Her personal and professional experience have taught her to view disease as a doorway rather than a dread. Learn to look for the door that has opened instead of staying trapped behind a door that has closed.

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