Ecoslimming - The Science of Changing Your Environment to Change Your Body


EcoSlimming means creating a home and work environment that leads to a fitter, leaner, healthier you without having to exert willpower.

What, when and how much we eat is constantly being influenced by factors we are not even aware of: TV, radio, billboards, magazines, movies, music, food packaging, plate size, aromas, ambience, colours, conversations, decor, decorum, lighting, labels, sounds and distractions! Most of the time, these elements entice us to eat more than we need.

This presentation reveals the hidden environmental factors that can sabotage good intentions. You will also discover how to make simple and subtle changes to your surroundings that lead to better food choices without having to make a conscious effort.

Learning outcomes & key take-aways

  • Discover the surprising number one reason that people over-eat.
  • How your environment can undermine your willpower.
  • Why people eat more at buffets and how to overcome this.
  • How to organise your kitchen to promote healthier eating habits.
  • How your friends and relationships influence your health and body weight.

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