Dispelling the Myths About Exercise in Weight Management


Everyone knows that exercise contributes to better physical and mental health. However there is ongoing controversy around the need to exercise in order to lose weight. Can a person attain and maintain a healthy body weight without exercise? Can you out-exercise a bad diet? What is the relationship between exercise and cancer? Is fast and hard better than moderate and slow? What type of exercise will give us the biggest bang for our weight loss buck? Is it different for different people?

Learning outcomes & key take-aways

  • Discover why burning calories is the least important reason to exercise
  • How exercise affects brain chemistry
  • The link between exercise and appetite regulation
  • How exercise influences cravings, food choices and metabolism
  • How much does exercise contribute to weight management?
  • The single most important exercise you can do to reduce body fat and improve health and longevity. (The findings from two of Australia’s most prestigious universities will surprise you.)

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