You make a difference

Taking responsibility for our own health translates into better performance at work, better relationships with others and greater fulfilment in life. It isn’t only that we’re in better shape, it’s the process of taking responsibility that empowers and energises us.

Above all, health is not a personal issue. Living in a healthful way is the best legacy we can leave our children and is integral to the health and healing of society and our planet.

I believe the answer to achieving sustainable living is the health and happiness of each individual. If we’re run-down, stressed, unhappy or unhealthy, our capacity to care for ourselves diminishes – and with it, our capacity to care for others and the world around us. Our energy plummets, our creativity shrinks and our relationships suffer. We feel exhausted and unable to contribute.

In contrast, when we’re full of energy and vitality, we can make a profoundly positive difference to everyone we meet, every day of our lives. When we’re healthy and happy, we have the motivation, interest and energy to extend beyond our own needs to the needs of others. We care about others and we care about our environment. When we look after ourselves in the best possible way, we give the best of ourselves to everything we do and everyone we love.

Choosing health means choosing to feel truly alive and exuberant. When was the last time you felt exuberant?

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