What’s the most powerful word in the English language?

What’s the most powerful word in the English language – in fact in any language?

BECAUSE (or the equivalent in other languages).

Before you start to think about HOW you’re going to achieve something, think about WHY you want to achieve it. Just as the brain is wired to seek reward, it is also wired to seek meaning and purpose.

What is something you would like to change or achieve in your life? Whether it’s to learn a new skill, apply for a new job, continue exercising through the winter, eat more vegetables or remove soft drinks from your diet – what is a powerful, compelling, emotional – not merely rational – PERSONALLY MEANINGFUL reason for wanting to achieve the goal you have set for yourself? Until you give yourself an irresistible reason to succeed, you are much more likely to give up if the going gets tough.

You may still encounter obstacles along the way, but you will rise to the challenge rather drown in despair. Focus on how your life will improve as a result of your goal because it will keep you moving forward. It also helps to write down your reasons and regularly remind yourself of them.

The word because is also effective when communicating with others. Whenever you ask someone to do something, give them a reason for your request because they are much more likely to comply. Would you mind setting the table because we’ll get to eat dinner sooner? The more the reason means something to them, the better. But research has found that any reason is better than no reason.

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