What kills more than 8000 people worldwide every day?

According to the World Health Organisation, THREE MILLION people worldwide die EVERY YEAR because of alcohol consumption.

That’s more than 8200 people EVERY DAY.

Australia contributes 16 deaths a day from alcohol.
That’s one preventable death every 90 minutes in Australia alone.

Alcohol weakens our immune system and increases our risk of contracting virus infections. Now is not a good time to increase alcohol consumption. Now is the time to be the best we can be – physically, psychologically and emotionally – for ourselves, our families and the whole world.

Recent research has blown apart the theory that a glass of red wine improves heart health. There are NO health benefits from drinking alcohol. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a glass of wine with your meal. It just means you aren’t receiving the health benefits you were led to believe. ABC radio reporter Cathy Border quizzes me on the sobering facts.

Click here to listen to our discussion. It’s not all bad news.

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