Special event for teachers, educators and school administrators

Are you a teacher, educator or work in a school? 

If yes, you won’t want to miss this inspiring and stimulating event.  

I’m honoured to be presenting at the Positive Schools 2022 mental health, wellbeing and resilience conference series @positiveschools. This year’s events are focused on the concept of ‘wellbeing in action’ and include a strong emphasis on supporting staff wellbeing, youth mental health, youth risk-taking, neurodiversity, and trauma-informed education. I’m joined by internationally acclaimed experts from around Australia to make this a memorable and practical conference for all educators.

Just a few weeks from today, the events launch in Brisbane. We then make our way to Melbourne, Sydney and Fremantle WA. 

If you would like to register, I have a code for my friends and subscribers to receive a special early bird rate for the next 48 hours (until 30 September). Simply type HELENA22 when you fill in the online form on the Positive Schools conference website (positiveschools.com.au).

I’m very much looking forward to thriving and eminently engaging in-person events in all four locations.

Please forward this Health-e-Byte to any teachers, educators or school administrators. 

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