Meditate For Mastery


Is your life a playground or a battlefield?
A daring adventure or a series of exhausting obstacles?
Is your work a creative experience or an exercise in damage control?

The mind is our most powerful tool and our most forceful opponent. What is the mind in relation to the brain and how do they operate? Could stilling the mind be as important as stimulating the mind? What is meditation and why bother with it?

In August 2004 Time magazine dubbed meditation as ‘the smart person’s bubble bath’. And smart people are definitely taking it up. Meditation is offered in schools, hospitals, law firms, government buildings, corporate offices and prisons (resulting in a 30% reduction in recidivism in the latter). In international airports around the world, specially designated Meditation Rooms are springing up alongside duty free shops and Internet kiosks.

Meditation is simply the experience of mental stillness. Our mind chatter subsides and we are temporarily free of the constant noise of thinking. It’s a wonderful paradox that while seemingly doing nothing, we’re actually doing a great deal: boosting our immune system, reducing stress, slowing down ageing, improving our performance, gaining clarity and increasing our capacity to connect with others. Most importantly, we discover a place of peace within ourselves that is accessible to us at all times.

By the end of this session, participants will experience meditation as more than just a bubble bath. It’s like having a bubble bath while sipping a cocktail laced with Prozac, pain killers, Viagra, blood pressure-lowering medications, omega-3s and performance enhancers!

Mastering our mind is not about forcing ourselves to think positively but choosing to think constructively – or choosing not to think at all. Sometimes pressing the pause button on our thinking enables us to tap into the best solutions.

Learning outcomes & key take-aways

  • An understanding of what meditation is and is not.
  • How meditation brings balance to an unbalanced world.
  • Why meditation is more powerful than medication.
  • How does one go about meditating in a hyperactive world?
  • A practical experience of meditation that can immediately be implemented into anyone’s busy life.

Advice for event organisers

This presentation is a very popular conference ‘bookend’. Conference planners use this session as a morning or afternoon invigorator because participants report feeling simultaneously relaxed, energised and highly focused after experiencing meditation.

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