Fifty Shades of Sugar


There are over 50 names for sugar sprinkled liberally throughout our food supply. Does this mean we’re consuming sugar without even realising it? What are we actually talking about when we say ‘sugar’? Is there good sugar and bad sugar or are all sugars sweet poison? Can sugar be addictive? Do we really need to quit sugar or is the anti-sugar bandwagon just another fad? This session puts sugar under the microscope and explains the science behind the saccharides.

Learning outcomes & key take-aways

  • What does the term sugar actually mean?
  • Does the body handle different sugars differently?
  • How is sugar bad for our health?
  • What does sugar do to the brain?
  • Why are scientists calling sugar ‘the new booze’ and soft drinks ‘the new cigarettes’?
  • Can an individual rattle off from memory more than 50 names for sugar in under 60 seconds?
  • What are the World Health Organisation (WHO) Guidelines sugar consumption guidelines?
  • What about artificial sweeteners? Are they any better for our health?
  • How to overcome sugar cravings – and how life is sweeter without sugar.

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