Fifty Shades of Fat


White fat, brown fat, beige fat. Puppy fat, belly fat, subcutaneous fat, visceral fat. Saturated, unsaturated, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated. Omega-3, omega-6, trans and hydrogenated. Virgin, extra virgin, cold pressed, hot pressed. LDL, HDL, IDL, VLDL. What the fat is going on?

When diet experts talk about ‘bad fats’ they are referring to saturated fat. When health conscious consumers talk about ‘bad fats’ they are referring to omega-6-rich seed oils. Who’s right? Who’s confused? Who’s back to using butter? By the end of this session you’ll know the fat from the fiction.

Learning outcomes & key take-aways

  • What is fuelling the fat debate?
  • Basic fat biochemistry
  • What’s the difference between fat in the body and fat on our plate?
  • The low-down on cholesterol
  • When is a vegetable oil not a vegetable oil?
  • How much fat do we need in our diet?
  • What type of fat is best for which purpose?
  • Are there certain fats we should avoid at all costs?

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