Eat to Your Gut’s Content


Is your gut sensitive, irritable, leaky or inflamed? Are you into prebiotics, probiotics or antibiotics?
This presentation delves into the latest research linking gut health to allergies, arthritis, obesity, diabetes, depression and dementia.

We are not what we eat. We are what our gut bacteria (known as our microbiota) do with what we eat. The particular set of microbes we harbour determines our ability to extract energy from food and even influences our food choices.

Our gut bacteria predict our likelihood of developing obesity better than our genes. Our bodies contain 100 trillion microbes, weighing over 2kg in our guts alone. That’s more than the weight of our brain (1.4kg)! Our microbiota play many essential roles in maintaining health: they are crucial to how we digest food, they control how many calories we absorb, they provide vital enzymes, produce important vitamins and influence our mood and immune system. The gut is even described as a ‘second brain’ because of the 100 million neurons lining its walls from oesophagus to rectum. That’s about the same number of neurons as in the brain of a cat!

Restore your gut and you’ll regain your health.

Learning outcomes & key take-aways

  • The fundamentals of nutrient absorption
  • How microbes influence body weight
  • The biochemical signalling that goes on between the CNS (central nervous system) and the ENS (enteric nervous system in our gut)
  • Why different individuals can have vastly different physiological responses to the same foods
  • How to restore our internal ecosystem
  • Why one diet does not fit all
  • How poo transplants can save lives! Holy crapsule!

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