A Brief History of Diets and Why Diets Make Us Fat


The Weight Loss Industry is expanding even more rapidly than people’s waistlines.

New tips, tricks, books, cooks, diets and day spas are hitting the market every day. New 12-week, 10-week and two-week ‘transformations’ are saturating the web like cheese on a pizza. And new weight loss buzzwords are popping up faster than you can sauté kale: NeuroSlimming, EcoSlimming, SocioSlimming – are they just another fad? Or is neuroscience finally getting a grip on our love handles?

Richly thought-provoking and wickedly entertaining, this presentation takes you on a fast-paced, action-packed tour of diets and exercise. From liver cleansing to lentils; leotards to lycra; low cal to lavage; and portion size to paleo, you’ll discover how a brief history of weight loss reveals a new way forward. This hilariously insightful, weighty treatise shows how diets are inherently flawed and how focusing on living, not losing, is the path to healthy, sustainable and enjoyable slimming.

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