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  • Program is superb. Facilities are comfortable and the food delicious. I will recommend it to those who I know would benefit.

    David Belconnen ACT
  • Winning at Slimming taught me so much and confirmed and challenged ideas I had. Thank you Helena for your energy, expertise and delivery.

    Gail Newington NSW
  • Helena knows her stuff and glad we have someone like her to listen and learn from. Refreshing, invigorating and friendly. Thank you Richard too. Supportive, positive, open and a picture of health!

    Irena Belconnen ACT
  • Things have really changed since the Winning at Slimming retreat. My husband and kids have accepted the changes I have decided to make regarding what I buy and cook. We are all more health conscious, we don’t talk about dieting just living and eating healthily. After six weeks the three of them have lost a bit of weight, which is all they needed, but I have lost 7 kilos. I don’t weigh myself very often and was really happy when I did this week. The great thing is that when I go out, because of the healthy choices I have been making at home, it comes naturally to me to do the same when I am out. I am becoming increasingly in touch with what my body needs and it feels great. You just get smart about it. No more pressure or guilt just following what I learnt at the course and going for a walk every day. I am so much happier and relaxed about myself.

    Meghan Kingsford NSW
  • I am still on a motivational ‘high’ since the workshop, I have implemented your Winning Formula and I will keep a journal as I mindfully enjoy my journey to reach my goal by my birthday. I have had a training organisation and been an adult educator for the past 25 years and have taught ‘train the trainer’, and presentation skills. I thought that your presentation was excellent. I choose this word carefully, as you employed all the adult learning principles, kept the fun level high, used ‘accelerated learning principles’ and ensured with the workbook that it was experiential. Fantastic, and the content is life changing, well, in my case it was. Thank you. I think you are doing remarkable work, and will promote your workshop and your book (have read 25% and already shared it with my walking partner).

    Kerry Sylvania NSW
  • Over the past 10 years I’ve tried everything – I don’t even want to think about it. When I read about this course I thought, this is different. I downloaded the ebook, read it and knew I had to go to the retreat. These two days have been brilliant. I’m ready to use all I learnt. Thank you Helena.

    Kate Randwick NSW
  • After trying so many fad diets, I feel I finally have the skills to change my life. I am so glad I have learnt this at age 24 and not let it affect the rest of my life. I can now tackle the mind game of losing weight.

    Elizabeth Bundanoon NSW
  • he program certainly lived up to expectations and beyond! I feel I have learnt new and permanent tools to lose the weight I want to and also lead a fitter, fuller life.

    Fay Mermaid Beach, Qld.
  • I found both Helena and Richard worked well together and always had my full attention. When I found things difficult to understand she always had a little story behind it and showed us something to put the last piece of the puzzle. I found it all very interesting and I will now do my best to make this the final journey for my weight loss. The days did not drag on as there was so much to learn and it was so interesting.

    Brooke Maroubra NSW
  • Excellent workshop. I thought the information was excellent, love all the references to particular statistics to support the information.

    Virginia ACT
  • I was happy to give a video of how the Bundanoon retreat went, but now I’m really happy to say that I have dropped 5 kilos in the first month by following Helena’s advice on living and not being obsessed with dieting. Some days I mess up, but that’s life and I move on. The daily emails keep me on track and I can feel new habits happening. I have never been happy exercising, but I’m now really keen and have a personal trainer. I check in with Richard, which really helps. I know this is changing me.

    Brooke Maroubra NSW
  • I came to the retreat with my niece. My weight issues began in my childhood and I have struggled ever since. Struggled with relationships, intimacy, fertility, pregnancy complications, difficult births, depression and now diabetes. In my niece I see myself 20 years ago and I want her to learn from my life so she does not have the problems I have had. Helena has given us the tools to change our own lives. History does not have to repeat itself. My niece and I can now change our habits and our patterns and can bring health and compassion to both our lives.

    Charlene Moss Vale NSW
  • What a brilliant weekend! I’m totally ready to throw all diets out the window and start my new journey with all the tools and science that Helena provided….she is the brain guru and I’m so fortunate to have been a part of her life changing seminars!

    Jayne Caringbah NSW
  • Two months after completing Helena’s retreat I shed 8 kilos , which is exactly what I wanted. After six months I am a steady weight, I love my body, I love being under 60 kilos and can’t wait to go on holidays feeling comfortable and free. The weekend was truly life changing for me.

    Mary-Ellen Coal Cliff
  • Since attending a weekend retreat at Quest for Life, I have embraced the Winning at Slimming principles and missions and I feel healthier, happier and more energetic. The follow-up emails from Helena Popovic helped to keep me inspired and motivated, and I have continued to drop weight without gruelling regimes and calorie restrictions. I eat when I feel hungry and have learnt to listen to my body. Thank you for this life changing experience!

    Michelle Moss Vale NSW
  • I really enjoyed my time. I loved listening to Helena. Even when I did not quite understand something, Helena always has a story to explain what she has just said. I am very excited to start my new way of life.

    Meghan Kingsford NSW
  • Facilities fabulous! Loved that we could get comfortable whilst listening. Helena and Richard’s energy and enthusiasm (and living the program) drive home the message the program delivers.

    Kim Helensvale Qld
  • Thank you for joining us on the weekend. We received excellent feedback from both the NeuroSlimming retreat and your guest speaker presentation. Many of our guests listed your sessions as a highlight of their stay. Below is feedback from your talk on ‘Turn Stress into Success’:

    • Engaging, entertaining and excellent advice for real life. Thank you!
    • So informative and interesting. Best session.
    • Very inspiring and humorous. Thoroughly enjoyed the session.
    • Fantastic! Engaging, funny, practical.
    • Outstanding presenter, outstanding presentation.
    • Really valuable and practical presentation. Very enjoyable.
    • Lots of useful take home tools to practically apply in everyday life.

    Kimberley Emery Administration Assistant, Golden Door Health Retreat & Spa, Elysia
  • On the weekend of 17-18 May, 2014 I attended Dr Helena Popovic’s Winning at Slimming retreat. For me, the power of the course was immense and twofold. Firstly, it helped me develop a sense of empowerment and even a passion, to travel the slimming road. Secondly, it provided me with tips and easy techniques for translating that passion into achievable, non-threatening actions that I can incorporate into my daily activities. Helena’s program is not about deprivation; it’s about liberation – using the natural workings of our brain to liberate ourselves from the things that make it so hard to lose weight and keep it off. Helena’s course enables you to recognise what drives you to eat, and it helps you dismantle those drivers and replace them with ones that make the slimming road one of nourishment (both psychologically and physically) rather than punishment. Her approach to slimming was like a perfect storm for me because she addresses a number of things that work synergistically to lighten the load on the slimming road, as well as incite your passions to reach your slimming goal. In this sense, the program gave me real power and a genuine desire to finally achieve a body I am proud to ‘live’ in.

    Celina Pascoe Canberra
  • Helena is an engaging, dynamic presenter. She explains the Winning at Slimming principles and missions in a way that is easy to digest, and shares stories we can all relate to. I would recommend this workshop to everyone – not just people looking to drop weight.

    Michelle Moss Vale NSW
  • Very helpful course indeed. I now believe I can let go of a lot of the stress related to being on constant diets. I’m so glad there is a follow up program to keep me on track.

    Catherine Higgins ACT
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