NeuroSlimming Retreats


Discover how to rewire your brain to reshape your body

Two days and nights.
Beautiful natural surroundings.
Fresh delicious seasonal food.
Learning, laughter, longevity.
An aha moment.

Who is it for?

  • Would you like to have a healthy body you’re totally happy and comfortable with?
  • At the same time, would you like to enjoy eating – more than you’ve ever enjoyed eating before?
  • Have you tried numerous different weight loss programs and found that none of them worked for you? Or have you lost weight, only to regain it?
  • Are you frustrated with all the contradictory food and weight loss advice you’re being bombarded with?
  • Have you been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes?
  • Are you wondering whether it’s even possible for you to achieve your desired body weight?

Then read on.

What is a NeuroSlimming Retreat about?

NeuroSlimming means re-programming your brain to achieve life-long sustainable body fat reduction as opposed to diets and deprivation that lead to short term results at best.

Ninety five percent of people who try to lose weight put it all back on plus more within 12 months of starting any sort of weight loss regime.


Because the key factor in successful weight management has been ignored: the brain.

The brain is our control centre. Every part of the body follows the signals and instructions sent out by the brain. It doesn’t matter if you have a slow metabolism, a genetic predisposition to gaining body fat or a frenetic lifestyle that lends itself to weight gain. It doesn’t matter if you have no idea why you haven’t achieved your desired body weight because NeuroSlimming addresses the underlying cause of the issue and provides you with a Mind Plan not a meal plan.

Dr Helena Popovic’s deep understanding of what drives self-sabotaging behaviours will show you how to overcome them. The weekend will also shed light on why you could be doing ‘everything right’ yet still not achieving the results you want.

NeuroSlimming opens avenues for change that were not previously known to exist.

It is founded on the principles of neuroplasticity: the science of changing the brain to change the body. It is not about restrictive food rules, gruelling exercise, motivation, mindset, willpower or positive psychology. It goes much deeper into the very essence of how our brain cells communicate with each other and with the rest of the body to influence our appetite, assimilation of food, metabolism, weight set-point and body fat distribution.

How does it work?

The details of this ground-breaking, scientific approach are outlined in Dr Helena’s book, NeuroSlimming – Let your brain change your body. The power of the weekend is that it takes you beyond the page to a live experience of rewiring your brain to reshape your body. You will walk in with the brain of an overweight person and walk out with the brain of a slim person. Over the ensuing weeks and months your body simply catches up with your brain and settles into your ideal healthy body weight.

Most importantly, NeuroSlimming sets you free.
Free of dieting, struggling, worrying, wishing, craving and emotional eating.
Free of diabetes and disordered blood sugar levels.
Free of guilt and anguish about what, when and how much to eat.
Free to make peace with your body and live life to the full.

The NeuroSlimming weekend will take you beyond information to lifelong transformation.

During the course of two days, you will discover:

  • The missing piece in the weight loss puzzle
  • How to release excess body fat by rewiring your brain
  • How different thoughts and emotions affect the way your body absorbs food and burns fat
  • How to know what food is right for YOU
  • How to remove psychological and emotional barriers that are stopping you from releasing body fat
  • How to control and cure type 2 diabetes
  • How to add years to your life and life to your years

Dr Helena’s Promise

This will be one of the most remarkable weekends of your life – your honeymoon might come a close second. I’m so certain you’ll have an extraordinary experience that I offer a money-back guarantee: if you’re not satisfied with what you learn, your money will be refunded in full at the end of the two days. So you have nothing to lose – except excess body fat!

Upcoming Retreat Dates and Venues for 2019

Date Venue

18-20 January

Golden Door, Hunter Valley NSW

More info

15-17 February

Gawler Foundation, Yarra Junction VIC

More info

15-17 November

Gawler Foundation, Yarra Junction VIC

More info

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