Big stride or small step?

Is it better to set a big, wildly exciting goal like shedding 50 kg of fat or should you aim for a smaller, more attainable, goal and add to it when you’ve reached it?

A study by the University of Minnesota found that when it comes to body weight, the magnitude of your goal makes no difference to your likelihood of success. Women who set small ‘realistic’ goals were no more likely to achieve them than women who aimed sky high.

The key is to create a plan that involves both. Start with your big picture: what would you want to achieve if you knew you couldn’t fail? We are fuelled by what inspires us. Describe what would make you truly happy in relation to your body. Then think of one small step that will move you in that direction. When you’ve accomplished the first step, tick it off and add another step. Keep a list of what you’ve accomplished and continue to add a step whenever you master the previous one. This will create ongoing momentum and give you a sense of achievement along the way. Seeing your own progress will fire you up to keep going.

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